Our approach

A corporate philosophy relying on 3 values and a team



Long-lasting relationships:

Success can only be shared and created on both sides by forging long-lasting and open relationships with all players in contact with our company (staff, customers, suppliers).

Customer-driven solutions:

An attentive ear and a pragmatic approach mean that we can help our customers to find the solutions in response to their requirements.


Gaining, deserving and keeping our customers' trust is an obsession.
It is through our customers' trust that we can become and remain their best partner.


« The main treasure of a company is the women and men that are part of it.

I am proud of my team, of his professionalism, and his customer focus which allow us to respect our commitment of consistency and of service to our customer. »

P.Mahoudo - President

DELAMARE SOVRA - 2006 - Conception Interaction Legal mention